Church of St Peter, Stanton Lacy


Caring for God's Acre - Ecology, Conservation and the Churchyard

Caring for God's Acre have given us much help in maintaining our churchyard, as well as surveying the wide range of trees, planted by an earlier vicar.

Much of the vegetation is cut only twice a year.  We do this in order to protect wildlife and plant species.  For example, nettles are important to caterpillars and hence to butterflies, while rough undergrowth provides safe cover for hedgehogs.

As far as possible we follow the guidance of Caring for God's Acre.

Our Arboretum

The trees planted many years ago now are many and varied, making the churchyard a little arboretum.  Some have been lost, but many remain, a sample of which are shown below.

Stanton Lacy PCC has charitable status under the Parochial Church Councils (powers) measure, 1956
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