Church of St Peter, Stanton Lacy


The earliest stonework of the present building, namely the west and north walls of the nave and the north transept have been dated to the first half of the 11th century, but visiting archeologists have suggested that the church is at the centre of a much earlier, roughly circular churchyard.  It is possible that there was an earlier, wooden structure, one which legend attributes to St Milburga. 

So the story goes, she was being pursued by a Welsh prince, when she crossed the river Corve close to the present church, and prayed for deliverance.  And  deliverance is what she got, because the river level rose very quickly and flooded the adjacent land, blocking the path of her pursuer.  By way of thanks, she is supposed to have founded a church here. 

As St Milburga is associated with the founding of Wenlock Priory, dated
to AD 630, that would extend the history of Stanton Lacy church by a further 300 years. 

The rapid flooding of the river is by no means rare, which lends some credibility to the story.

Stanton Lacy PCC has charitable status under the Parochial Church Councils (powers) measure, 1956
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