Church of St Peter, Stanton Lacy


Following the extensive conservation work, the PCC has determined to make the church and its facilities more attractive to visitors, especially those who may have traveled considerable distances to attend special services, and more suitable for events such as concerts.

1. Kitchen and toilet facilities 

Adding kitchen and toilet facilities will enable the Church, as a building, to develop a wider role amongst the local community.  The specification for the work is complete and we are applying for a Faculty for the required modifications to the Church.  We are also obtaining an indicative cost, which will provide a target for fundraising.  Once we have at east 80% of that figure secure, we will begin the process of competitive tendering for the work

2. Organ repair

Our patient organists have for some years been struggling to overcome problems with notes that do not play, and others that stick.  The organ, made by Gray and Davison and installed in 1854, is considered of a quality worth retaining.  Following the structural conservation work, there were sufficient funds dedicated to repair work, to enable this to be undertaken, and the work presently in hand should lead to a fully working instrument by the end of February.  This work has now been completed.

3. Electrical Safety

An inspection last year showed that quite a lot of wiring was not up to current standards, and that the earth leakage trip was not working satisfactorily.  The necessary work has now been completed, and an outside light has been added to make access from the car park safer.

Stanton Lacy PCC has charitable status under the Parochial Church Councils (powers) measure, 1956
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